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Palliative Care


Palliative care is the active total care of patients at a time when their disease is no longer responsive to curative treatment and when life expectancy is relatively limited.

Palliative Care

is a multiprofessional approach to healthcare
provides relief for patients from pain and other distressing symptoms
integrates psychological and spiritual care for patients, so that they may come to terms with their own death as fully and constructively as they can
offers a support system to help the patients live as actively and creatively as possible until death
helps the family cope during the patient's illness and in bereavement
affirms life and regards death as a normal rocess; it seeks neither to hasten nor to postpone death

Palliative Care Guidelines

NICE Guidance - Supportive and Palliative Care Strategy

Palliative Care Organisations

Marie Curie




Macmillan Cancer Relief



The National Council for Hospice and Palliative Care Services


Help the Hospices

Help the Hospices is the national charity for the hospice movement. Hospices give unparallelled care to people who are facing the end of life - and to those who love them

Palliative Care Websites

Palliative Care in London




Palliative Care in Scottish Borders

in touch



Palliative Care in Glasgow

This site has been designed to help you find out about palliative care and who provides it in Glasgow.


Palliative Care in Sunderland

The Scottish Partnership Agency (SPA)

The Scottish Partnership Agency (SPA) is the national umbrella and representative body for palliative care in Scotland. It is an independent body with charitable status which was set up in 1991 to promote the extension and improvement of palliative care services throughout Scotland.

Palliative Care in Powys, Wales

Teaching and Learning in Palliative Care

HELP - Helpful Essential Links to Palliative care

HELP is a problem-based resource for health professionals developed dy Dundee University in association with the Macmillan Fund. It covers communication problems which have been identified as the areas where doctors and nurses have difficulty. It encourages reflection and anticipatory care in what might be seen as crisis-management situations.


Current Learning In Palliative care. A resourse from St Oswalds Hospice, Newcastle Upon Tyne. The site is presently closed.

Palliative Care Drugs

This site provides essential, comprehensive and independent information for health professionals about the use of drugs in palliative care.

It highlights drugs given for unlicensed indications or by unlicensed routes and the administration of multiple drugs by continuous subcutaneous infusion.

Palliative Care for Carers
The Government's National Strategy for Carers, Caring about carer, was published on 8th February 1999. It states how statutory and voluntary organisations ( including the NHS and local authorities ), employers, Government Departments and volunteers can provide better support to people who care for their friends or relatives who are sick, disabled vulnerable or frail. The documentation can be found at

UK Hospices Online

St Peter and St James Charitable Trust, North Chailey, East Sussex

St Oswald's, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear

St Oswald's

QueenscourtHospice, Town Lane, Southport, PR8 6RE

Suggested Reading
Claude Regnard, Sue Tempest
A guide to Symptom Relief in Advanced Disease Radcliffe Medical Press

Peter Kaye Breaking Bad News EPL Publications

Robert Twycross, Andrew Wilcock, Sarah Thorp PCF1: Palliative Care Formulary Radcliffe Medical Press

Related Sites

Association of Children's Hospices


The Child Bereavement Trust

The Child Bereavement Trust is a national UK charity, founded in 1994.

By listening to bereaved children and parents, The Child Bereavement Trust leads the way in improving the care offered by professionals to grieving families in the immediate crisis and in the many months following the death of someone important in their lives.

The charity provides specialised training and support for professionals to improve their response to the needs of bereaved families. The Child Bereavement Trust produces resources and information for children and families and all the professionals who come into contact with them in the course of their work.

Sheffield Palliative Care Studies Group

A Palliative Care website

Palliative Care and Architecture

American Board of Hospice and Palliative Medicine


Online Guide to Cancer Resources

Oncolink (USA)

Aims to help the public and professionals access "accurae cancer-related information"

Complementary Therapy

Research Council for Complementary Medicine (UK)

Office of Alternative Medicine, National Institutes of Health (USA)