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Breast Cancer

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Document: Breast Cancer in Women. A National Clinical Guideline and quick reference guide (2017)

Abstract: 29 Breast Cancer in Women A National Clinical Guideline recommended for use in Scotland by the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network October 2017 A National Clinical Guideline. Key to evidence statements and grades of recommendations The definitions of the types of evidence and the grading of recommendations used in this guideline originate from the US Agency for Health Care Policy and Research

Document: Breast cancer, the pill and hormone replacement therapy (2000)

A statement for health professionals prepared by CancerBACUP's Medical Advisory Committee.


Useful Websites

UK Breast Cancer Coalition and Advocacy Online

Allows users to become involved in a range of campaigning activities and aims to co-ordinate action, provide support and collect feedback.

UK Breast Cancer Coalition


Breast Cancer Care

Dedicated to providing free help, information and support to women with breast cancer or other breast related problems as well as to their families, partners and fiiends.
Address: Kiln House, 210 New King's Road, London SW6 4NZ
Helpline: 0500 245345
Admin: 020 7 384 2984

Action Against Breast Cancer
Cancer Research Campaign
Macmillan Cancer Relief
Wessex Cancer Trust
National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organisations
Breast Cancer information Core (BIC)
Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organisation
Breast Cancer - Are you aware?
Breast Cancer - National Cancer Institute

The NHS Breast Screening Programme


Useful Books

Royal Marsden NHS Trust, Patient Information Series Cancer of the breast. Your questions answered (1996) Hochland and Hochland Ltd
Life, here I come! Hochland and Hochland Ltd
John Wiley & Sons PatientWise version 2 John Wiley & Sons
CancerBACUP Understanding cancer of the breast (2017) CancerBACUP
CancerBACUP Understanding secondary breast cancer (1996, revised edition) CancerBACUP

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