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CIBAVision web site
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CME Plus

The Organising Medical Networked Information project. A specialty earch engine where resources are only included if they contain 'substantive information of relevance to the OMNI user community.' Personal pages or list of links to other resources are excluded. Information as to how the sites are selected gives futher guidance. Another site of similar quality is The Health On The Net Foundation. The site opperates a code of conduct and to be included in the database the site must comply with this code. It requires that any medical information on a website must be authored by a 'medically/health trained and qualified professional. If not it must be clearly stated.

Health Information Technology Institute

IHSM Health Centre

The National Association of Non-Principals
Offers information on non-principals' educational needs and a list of contact telephone numbers for local educational facilitators
A virtual postgraduate centre created by Doctors from the Trent region. Those Doctors wishing to take part in programmes on the site have to pay �.

More PGEA points can be had on the net at The HQHQ website includes 40 hours of PGEA-approved education modules on topics including quality issues, management and interpersonal skills, MCQs and short-answer questions. The site is managed by Dr Jock Ramsay.

A Meningitis Resourse Pack (cost �) is available from The National Meningitis Trust, Fern House, Bath Road, Stroud, Glos GL5 3TJ. Telephone (01453) 7800

24-hour support line: (0345) 538118
Fax: (01453) 768001
GPs who watch the video, read the reference pages and submit a successfully completed two-page questionnaire can qualify for 3 hours of PGEA distance learning.

And don't forget the BMA open to non-members and giving free access to the Medline Database

Order your books from BMJ Bookshop

Office for Public Management
The Office for Public Management was established in 1989 as an independent, not-for-profit centre to develop management practice and thinking in the delivery of public services and in the exercise of corporate responsibility.

Multimedia material from Multimedia in Nurse Education
Specialising in the supply of multimedia material for nurses and other health professionals. The products include packages from the world's leading medical multimedia publishers, and teaching material from nurses and other health staff. Visit the website to see the wealth of material available.

An on-line tutorial service aimed at spreading knowledge amongst GPs. Access is free!