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Health Promotion England

Health Promotion England develops and delivers public education campaigns and health promotion in key areas of health policy:

      children and families
      older people
      sexual health

It provides support and resources to professionals in the field, runs media campaigns and supplies some information direct to the public.

On this site you will find details of the programmes run under their respective health topic headings. You will also find answers to FAQs, a News section, a guide to their resources, and be able to join discussion groups.


Alcoholics Anonymous Contents

Aimed at 10-13 year olds to educate them about the effects of alcohol.

Breast Awareness

Useful websites








Greenpeace's "true food" homepage

Set up by Greenpeace to enable users to locate their nearest organic food dealer.

Food and Drink Federation

National Drugs Helpline

Get information about drugs relating to any of the following topics: About, Origins, Effects, The Law, Composition, Emergency and Risks, and you can search by these topics from one drug to another


cyclecity guides

Fitness to Drive
Regulations for drivers with medical conditions Produced by the DVLA, it is aimed more for the lay public than the medical profession.
Howevrer provides guidelines for both the public and the profession for drivers with medical conditions including exclusions and conditions for driving

Healthy Lifestyle


foodfitness ia a healthy lifestyle initiative, developed by the Food and Drink Federation on behalf of the food and drink manufacturing industry. It has a dual approach promoting increased moderate physical activity coupled with enjioyable, healthy eating.

Men's Health
Men's Health Forum


In Summary

Smoking is the biggest single cause of ill health and premature death in the UK. In fact, nearly one in five of all deaths are smoking-related (HEA 1995). On average, smokers lose more than one day of life each week (HEA 1991). And it's an expensive habit: the average 20-a-day smoker spends over £100 per month on cigarettes.

Giving up can be tough. But........ Don't give up giving up.

Sometimes people relapse and start again. But it's the single best thing you can do for your health. And the good news is that as soon as you stop, your body begins to repair the damage. This site offers facts and figures about smoking, tips on giving up and many sources of further information and help.


Health Education Authority - on smoking

The Health Education Authority's 'official' word on smoking. Includes information on the national smoking education strategy for England, fact sheets that can be downloaded and advice for professionals.

Health Education Board of Scotland - on smoking

The Health Education Board for Scotland's 'official' word on smoking.


Website of Action on Smoking and Health. Useful for all concerned about smoking. An organisation campaigning against "the damaging activities of the tobacco industry" and the risk of smoke-induced cancer, heart disease, asthma and other deadly ailments.

Growing up in smoke is dangerous

This site has been developed by the Smoke-Free Leitrim Project of the North Western Health Board of Ireland.

Official Documents
Smoking Kills - A government white paper
Report of the Scientific Committee on Tobacco and Health

Tip: Before you click on the above official documents can I remind you that to progress from the linked pages it is necessay to to click on the 'next' button.

Giving Up Smoking

A National site, backed by the NHS. Designed for those wishing to give up smoking rather than professionals.

Quit Smoking

Designed for those wishing to give up smoking. It offers regular e-mail support to those who register to help them who have stopped smoking to stay stopped.

Quit Smoking UK

Personal views / Opinion
Smoking from all sides

A collection of links related to smoking. Collected by unknown source - so beware. Could be useful. Treat with caution!

Evidence Based Resources
Smoking cessation - Bandolier
Index of general resources on smoking - Cochrane


International Journal of Obesity
MRC - Dunn Human Nutrition Unit