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A digest of health-related research funding and training opportunities.


2000 medical journal editorial sites

A useful site to look up instructions to authors


Free Medline site


The National Primary Care Research and Development Centre


NOREN (Northern Primary Care Research Network)

NoReN is a regional initiative set up to promote and support research in primary care to develop evidence based practice in the northern region.
The network is funded by Northern and Yorkshire NHS Executive and is accessible to all primary care practitioners - GPs, managers, nurses, health visitors and midwives, professions allied to medicine and other members of the primary health care team.


Sources of Qualitative Software
CAQDAS (Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis)

This is a project with no commercial links to software developers or suppliers. It aims to disseminate an understanding of the practical skills needed to use qualitative data analysis software.



Scolari is the software division of Sage Publications a major publisher of qualitative research books. Web pasges detail descriptions of packages, system requirements, prices, links to developers pages and free demo versions to download or available by post.


National Research Register

online register of ongoing and recently completed research projects funded by the UK's NHS.


Research and Development Co-ordinating Centre

Web site set up to share information on research and practice development in nursing.

Information on the Department of Health Research and Development programmes and details on funding opportunities.
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  • Policy Research Programme
  • NHS Research and Development
  • Research Capacity
  • Research Priority Areas
  • Calls for proposals
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  • Other Funders
    This web site is provided by COREC to give people access to comprehensive and up-to-date information on the REC system in the UK.

    This includes the Application Form and Guidance Notes necessary to apply for an MREC ethical review, the meeting dates for the MREC's and their contact information. You will also find contact details for Local Research Ethics Committees (LREC'S).
    RDInfo provides its users with direct access to up to the minute information on health-related funding and training opportunities.
    Rdlearning provides its users with direct access health-related training courses, conferences, workshops and short courses.
    This web site contains information relevant to health research, and includes links to other web sites which may be helpful.

    They can help you find answers to the questions you have about health-related research, whether you are an experienced researcher or a beginner.
    The NRR Projects database is an amalgam of records that have been submitted by over 350 organisations (data providers), the vast majority coming from the UK National Health Service. Often two or more data providers submit records for the same project. Thus usually occurs because both the funder of a project an NHS research programme) and the implementer of a project (a research centre) submit records. For a multi-centred project all implementers (lead centres in charge of the project and participating centres who are displayed under three main categories according to the relationship of the data provider to the project.
    The purpose of the Forum is to improve the environment for research within organisations delivering health and social care by encouraging high standards and providing support and communication networks.

    The Forum is an inclusive open to all involved in R&D, including directors, managers, administrators, consumers and researchers themselves. The activities of the Forum encompass research across the full range of health and social care including community, and primary care, secondary and tertiary care, public health and social services. Membership is free and gives you access to information from the Forum and allows participation in all our activities.