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The Fleet Street Clinic

The Fleet Street Clinic provides specialist care in a growing range of medical fields, and is the home of one of the best-known specialist travel clinics in the UK.

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Scottish Centre for Infection and Environmental Health
Comprehensive site for healthy travelling.


This practical handbook for doctors aims to put an end to conflicting advice on health matters for those who travel overseas for business or pleasure. It offers advice on the precautions the travellers themselves need to take to avoid health risks before and during their travel, and draws together previously published advice issued by the Department of Health to travellers and those advising them on health matters. Areas covered include food and water hygiene, vaccines, safer sex, preventing malaria and travel with children.

Available on the internet at Health Information for Overseas Travel

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Health Information for Overseas Travel Department of Health. 2000


CDSC in Collindale
The Yellow Book
Travel information from CDC

To find out what is happening when and where

WHO Communicable Surveillance & Response - Outbreak News

Reports by year and by disease.


Aviation Health Institute

The Institute is a registered charity and provides an invaluable, independent source of reference, information and comment on aviation health issues. It also encourages airlines and passengers to take action to address the problems. The Institute is concerned with the well-being of all passengers from the executive coping with a life of world-wide travel, to the elderly flying only occasionally.

Guidelines for General Practitioners.

Medical Contraindications to Air Travel.


British Airways - Medical conditions and fitness to fly

"Most people with existing medical conditions are able to fly on a commercial aircraft without difficulty, but with the cabin air at a pressure equivalent to an altitude of 6000 to 8000 feet, special precautions are sometimes needed......."

Individual Diseases.