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Following a consultation, your typical patient will forget half of what you have told them within five minutes and remember only four points you have made (Lazarus, 1993; Smith, 1995). This is unfortunate not only for your patients of whom 90% would like to know as much as possible about their ailment, but also for doctors whose time is precious.

Doctor Online addresses this problem by providing hundreds of clearly written, clinically accurate, evidence based pages explaining diseases and treatments on over 95% of the ailments you are likely to encounter. Using the web browser on your computer, you have immediate access to all of these pages, allowing you to print relevant information for the vast majority of your patients. The pages have been chosen from thousands of sources by senior consultants and reviewed by over 150 consultants, to reflect current UK practice. The reviewers include Dr John Bennett of the RCP and Dr Bowen-Simpkins of the RCOG. The text has been checked for clarity using readability indices.

Doctor Online is freely available to all NHS doctors on the NHS Net at, and a reduced site is available on the public internet at is specifically designed for UK healthcare professionals, particularly general practitioners. Offering free:

  • personalised access
  • interactive educational courses and case histories
  • clinical articles and online reference books
  • prescription product information
  • daily medical news
  • daily summaries of key medical papers
  • unique independent content, plus
  • regular monitoring of other medical websites.

    Registration is required to access the full range of information. offers the latest independent health news and products and services.


    Medix is a free service, provided exclusively for the medical profession. Medix aims to provide the fastest possible access to information likely to be useful to doctors. It also offers the opportunity for its members to respond to sponsored interactive questionnaires in return for remuneration and awards.

    Medix is an independent company, funded by revenues and investors. Its revenues come entirely from sponsorship of the questionnaires completed by its members.
    The free network of 125,050 UK doctors.


    "NetDoctorPro" provides an invaluable resource for doctors, health care providers, students, industry professionals and journalists. The licensing department requires registration and password use to gain access to the site.

    Dr's Desk
    Dr's Desk site for accesss to journals, quick reference, business information.

    The Good Web Guide: Health

    GPnotebook is an online encyclopaedia of medicine that provides a trusted immediate reference resource for clinicians in the UK and internationally. Updated continually, the database consists of over 26,000 pages of information. Fast and reliable, many doctors use GPnotebook during the consultation.

    My Yahoo for Physicians

    Search Medica

    SearchMedica is a dedicated medical search engine for healthcare professionals which allows you to search the area of the worldwide web that is of direct relevance to you in your work. You can search the whole web too if you want to but we've prepared extensive lists of selected sites in consultation with working healthcare professionals that will help eliminate unwanted and irrelevant results from your searches delivering what you're looking for more quickly.

    The first version of SearchMedica was launched in August 2014 using expertise from Pulse, a GP weekly newspaper, with major input from working GPs. We have now expanded SearchMedica to cater for the needs of nurses, pharmacists and medical students.